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Chess Pr0n
Issue #2 ~ Winter 2024

Chess Pr0n is an adult magazine for adult improvers.

Chess Pr0n aims to cover beautiful games and moments in chess from the past and the present with beautiful pages. The star attraction of any article will always be the chess, and the chess moves are included with a link to an analysis board so you can play them out on your devices without the need to set anything up.
This issue contains 13 articles and 48 full color pages printed at the highest settings available with articles on:

  • Jospeph Henry Blackburne and the Evans Gambit
  • Judit Polgar vs Magnus Carlsen
  • The Evans Gambit feature
  • Spicy Reader Letters featuring a King Walk
  • The Immortal King Walk
  • Nigel Short vs Jan Timman King Walk
  • Candidates 2024
  • Bobby Fischer vs Reuben Fine in the Evans Gambit
  • Bobby Fischer vs Boatner in the Evans Gambit
  • The Evergreen Game featureing Adolf Anderssen and Jean Dufresne
  • Echoes of the Opera Game: Nebermann vs Silverman
  • Paul Morphy vs Zupide in the Evans Gambit
  • Great Mates featuring Muller vs NN, Minchev vs Miraschiev, and Blumenfeld vs NN

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ChessPr0n Database Downloads

CheeseBase SCIDvsPC format download
CheeseBase in PGN format download

ChessPr0n has released a free database of chess games. It is in SCIDvsPC format and it is current as of 5.12.2024. Essentially it is an update of CaissaBase plus games from Mark Crowther's fantastic The Week In Chess plus a bunch of games from On lichess I found the ID's of many of the top players, downloaded their games, and converted their names to their proper names so they would show up in a search.

Additionally I fixed this issue in CaissaBase where around 2018 they had a large update with many top players now having games under two slightly different names. I edited all those games for the players that I found like this to combine that data in any search. As a result you have roughly eight and a half million games of chess free for download.

I host this on my google account to avoid paying for that. It is a zip file that you will need to unzip. Then there are a bunch of files inside. Put them in the same folder that you create on your computer to extract them to and then open the SCID program and then use file > open and navigate to your new database. Play around with it. If you break it it doesn't matter, it was free and you can just download a new copy with no worries while you are learning.

Tata Steel 2024 Printable Cards Collage

Download Free Printable Chess Trading Cards or Stickers

Download your own Printable Cards or Stickers celebrating the 2024 Tata Steel Tournament. Full sized sports trading cards that you can print and cut on your own. You can also use them as stickers or on shirts or mugs. Many chess clubs are located in libraries in the US and most of these libraries have this equipment free for public use. Well now you have something you can print and laser cut or cricut for cards or stickers. Or you can put them on a mug, t-shirt, keychain, or coaster with the sublimation printer and a heat press.

All credits to the photographers and artists included in the download. This is a free product and you are free to make as many copies as you want thanks to the generosity of the photographers, artists, and myself. You are not free to sell them for profit. Just a heads up.

Trading card of Bobby Fischer close up staring at a King in the foreground.

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